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ALGOMA RECORD HERALD December 22, 2005
Kewaunee-  A former railroad bed between Kewaunee and Luxemburg being developed for snowmobiling during the winter has also been promoted for use  by all-terrain vehicles during warmer weather.
  The petition, which collected 756 signatures when circulated around a portion of Kewaunee County, was presented last week by Bill Rohr of the Kewaunee Moonriders Snowmobile Club to the (Kewaunee)County promotions and recreation director Mark Kanz.
   The petition favors ATV riding on the 16-mile railroad grade from May 1 to Oct. 31, with equipment currently owned by the Kewaunee Moonriders Snowmobile Club to maintain the trail.
  According to the petition, " This would benefit the ATV park(currently located at the Kewaunee County Solid Waste Disposal Site), local businesses and also generate money from the state ATV registration that would go to the county for making trails and for trail maintenance."
  ATV registration monies, Rohr said, could possibly help cover the cost for the railroad bridges along the trail, in the event the money is not available from the snowmobile registrations.
 "With the few miles of ATV trails that currently exist, I feel now is the time to get on the band wagon andrecieve this money." he said.
  Rohr also claimed in his written statement to the committee that ATV riders :would generate many dollars for the local business" by spending money on gas,food,beverages,and lodging.
  "I believe we will draw ATV riders from Green Bay, Denmark, Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Algoma and Sturgeon Bay," Rohr said.
  In addition to using the abandonded railroad bed currently being developed for trail use between Kewaunee and Luxemburg(ex KGB&W), Rohr also suggested that the Ahnapee Trail from Casco Jct. to Algoma, which is not open to ATV's, be added for that use if possible.
 " There would be alot more usage with the ATV's and more money would be generated in the communities," Rohr said.
  Kanz said the committee will be reviewing Rohr's presentation and taking the petitions under advisement.
MY Personal View on this Issue:
 While I do feel that trail use is not exceptional nor at the capacity it is capable of handling I do feel there are some points that have been overlooked or may not be known to someone who has never used this trail. First off the Ahnapee State Trail from Sturgeon Bay to Algoma was intended as a walking and biking trail ONLY, then in 1995 after the Algoma to Casco Jct. section was torn up the main push was to allow horseback riding. This is okay but still causes problems when riders dont adhere to the policy when the trail bed is soft they should stay off. But instead riders take their shoed horses onto the soft gravel and leave massive prints, groups of these make it feel like your going over thousands of diamond crossings or a very very rough road when on a bicycle. The argument that people will spend more money here is sort of true but not to the extent that has told, most walkers and bikers that use the Ahnapee state trail start off in Sturgeon Bay and lodge there and by the time they reach the bottom of the trail they sleep in tents, or a car if they biked round trip back to sturgeon bay and then picked up their vehicle and drove it to where the turned around for their return trip. Also the Money that will be available for bridge and other maintenance will be off set by the need to open up a Gravel Pit adjacent to the trail to truck in all the gravel needed to repair the trail after a few ATV's go over it. This is said because of the tires on these vehicles, the gravel on the trail is smoothed and packed to be very close to riding on pavement, when you place fourwheelers with swamp tires you might has well pay them for the nice trenches they made for you to lay underground cable all the way along the trail. My family owns serveral ATV's and heck the poor thing never really gets to stretch its legs but this is a major liablity issue for the county because of the speeds which will be seen along here not to mention the noise and destruction of this trail!! Keep it on your own property or use the riding park at the Landfill but dont touch my KGBW & AHW Roadbed with your tires!!! This opinion does not reflect the view of anyone except myself and should not be taken as a political statement just a afterthoughts of a Green Bay and Western Railroad fan. 


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