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AHW Discontinues Service to East Side

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Door County Advocate Nov 30- Dec 2, 1965
( December 1, 2005 issue in traveling back section)
Sturgeon Bay- E.F. Bushman of the Ahnapee & Western Railway Company has served notice that train service to the East Side of Sturgeon Bay will be dicontinued as of Jan. 1, 1966 because the bridge is becoming unsafe and needs an estimated $25,000 in repairs. (Reproduced with permission)

The Ahnapee and Western Served Sturgeon Bay's east side until the bridge was deemed unsafe by new inspection regulations thus the bridge was torn out, a photo of the swing span is available in the Company store for purchase as a 5x8 or larger ( Click here to go to the Company Store)

The A&W Swing Bridge located in Sturgeon Bay served both rail and vehicle traffic and tokens were required for all vehicle traffic in order to cross the span

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