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From the Algoma Record Herald's Looking Back Column
from the February 17, 2006 issue.
Looking back to February 17, 1906

Kewaunee has had so many false rumors about new railways that the latest report of an extension of the C&NW(Chicago & NorthWestern) from Manitowoc to Algoma is being laughed at. The railroads seem to talk much and do nothing.

The C&NW never finalized nor built this extension northward and came as far east as Manitowoc, and Denmark continuing on to Green Bay and into its North Green Bay Yard where the CN currently has its Green Bay division Headquarters 

The C&NW had carferry service in Manitowoc so in years to come dual ports (Manitowoc and then Kewaunee after the proposed extension would have been built) would have made no sense and not much revenue would have been gained, although had it happened the KGBW and A&W may never have prospered as long as they did.

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